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Create Easter sweets!

It's time to start preparations! On Saturday, April 9th, we invite you to have fun together during the culinary workshops!

Gingerbread cookies are perfect for any occasion! The ones in the shape of bunnies and chickens will be an interesting decoration on the Easter table!

In the passage of our Shopping Centre, from 12:00 to 17:00, there will be gingerbread making shows, as well as culinary workshops, during which you will be able to learn the secrets of baking gingerbread and various ways to decorate these tasty, spicy cookies. After the emotions associated with the preparation of Easter gingerbread, you will be able to take part in a tasting.

Sweet surprises await everyone who will be doing pre-Easter shopping in the stores of our Shopping Centre on Saturday, April 9th!

After presenting receipts for purchases from 50 to 10PLN, you will be able to receive delicious gingerbreads, and for purchases above 100PLN, you will be able to pick up larger decorative gingerbreads. It is worth hurrying up, because the number of gifts is limited. You cannot use receipts for purchases in a hypermarket in the campaign.

We invite you to have fun together!