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The right choice of extracurricular activities is not an easy art. However, the educational fair, which will be held in our Centre on Saturday, September 12th , can help.

During the event, many organizations and institutions will present their offer - it will be dance, sports and creative! Ballroom dance shows will be presented by instructors from the New Dance School, Dominika Szymkowiak and Katarzyna Pawlicka. Akademia Reissa will want to encourage children to participate in sports, including football. On the other hand, Walor Art Academy will present art shows, including creating a holiday postcard. The e-concept will offer interesting language games. There will also be offers for games and learning with blocks, as well as demonstrations of models made of blocks, presented by Bricks4kidz.

Participation in the fair is also an opportunity to draw gifts, vouchers for classes or gift vouchers.

We invite you on September 12th , from 12.00 to 17.00. Participation in the event is free. The fair was planned in accordance with the current sanitary requirements, with all precautions being taken. add this event to your calendar

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