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Forest meetings for nature lovers

Why is the forest so important for the environment, what plants and animals can be found there, how should one behave in it? This is what the young participants learn during the new educational cycle entitled „Leśne spotkania”, which takes place in our Shopping Centre.

During the meeting, which will take place on February 26th, young participants will be able to watch a theatrical performance entitled „Błyszczyk ze Świetlistej Doliny". The valley beautiful place! The sun illuminates every corner of it, revealing its beauty. At night, fireflies come, and dance transform the valley into a magical place. At some point in Luminous Valley there appears a new light previously unknown to animals. The fox, the badger and the rabbit decide to investigate the matter by solving the mystery of the mysterious Błyszczyk. The ending of the story will be met by the children who will sit in front of the theatre stage next Saturday.

Then, during the creative workshops, children will be able to decorate their backpacks with silhouettes of the protagonists of the show cut out of fabric - a fox, a badger, a rabbit and the mysterious Błyszczyk.

During the educational talk, the little participants will find out if the animals are holy? They will also find that many animals have amazing traits, such as fluorescence and use camouflage, and learn about the scientific explanation of these abilities.

We invite you from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance!

We invite you to our next meetings:
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We invite you to come!