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Forest meetings for nature lovers

Why is the forest so important to the environment, what plants and animals can be found there? This is what the young participants learn during the new educational cycle entitled „Leśne spotkania” in our Shopping Centre.

During the meeting, which will take place on Saturday, April 23rd, young participants will be able to watch a theatrical performance entitled „O topielcu z Trzcielińskiego Bagna”. Children learn about the history of the inhabitant of forest swamps, who, although he likes his home very much, willingly visits the forest, where he is always faced with interesting adventures.

Then, during the creative workshops, children will be able to create a forest in a jar. Cones, leaves, moss or pieces of bark that the participants will place in a glass jar will create a fairy-tale, mysterious forest. Such a green installation in our homes will resemble walks in fragrant forest backwoods.

During the educational talk, young participants will learn how swamps, wilderness and dams are formed, i.e., mysterious places in forests where, according to folk legends, various fairy-tale creatures once inhabited. Such a place is, for example, Trzcielińskie Bagno in the Wielkopolski National Park, where you can find many excellent points for observing birds living in this area.

We invite you from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance!

We invite you to the next meetings:
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We invite you to participate!