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Learn the secrets of the forests of Greater Poland!

How does wind affect trees and forest animals? How does nature affect our mood and what makes us like walking along forest paths? The answers to these questions will be known to the young participants of the next event in „Leśne spotkania”, series, which will take place on June 18 in our Shopping Centre. A lot of attractions await children - a puppet theatre show, workshops and an educational talk.

During the meeting, which will take place on June 18th, young participants will be able to watch a theatrical performance entitled „O wietrze z suchego zbocza”. During the play, young viewers will learn the story of a farmer who had to deal with a trickster on a daily basis - the wind that turned his field into a dry slope.

Then, during the creative workshops, children will be able to make natural wall decorations under the supervision of instructors. Instead of coloured paints or paper, children will use cones, sticks, acorns and leaves.

During the educational talk, small participants will find out that trees, animals or forests can not only become an inspiration for a painting or sculpture, but they can charm us with their beauty and put us in a good mood by themselves, without any human participation.

We invite you from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance!

 We invite you to participate!