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Visit the „Sztuka w czasach zarazy” (Art in the Time of Plague) exhibition

From 18/02 to 25/03
Dreams, hope for a better tomorrow, but also emotions related to social isolation or anxiety will be illustrated by the paintings and collages of Polish artists that can be seen during the exhibition „Sztuka w czasach zarazy” in our Shopping Centre. The exhibition will be available from February 18th to March 3rd from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, excluding Sundays. Free entrance!

The pandemic, which has completely changed the way we live and spend our time, has generated a lot of excitement. Poznań artists: Rozalia Nowak, Beata Pendowska and Sylwia Taciak created works illustrating feelings, reflections, associations, emotions related to social isolation, fear of the virus, but also hope for a better tomorrow.

- In a pandemic there is anxiety about loved ones and oneself, sadness, but also the necessity to overcome difficulties. The beauty of nature, the desire to travel, to strive for unity with the silence of the cosmos - this is what he paints under their influence. I would like to use colours to express what I feel, and I often change the mood of a painting many times, says Rozalia Nowak, the artist whose works can be seen at the exhibition.