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Win a school kit, tablet or smartphone!

We invite you to have fun together! On the occasion of the upcoming school year, we have prepared a competition with unique prizes!

How to get them?

On Saturday, August 27th do shopping in one of the stores of our Shopping Centre for a minimum of PLN 100 and show a maximum of 3 receipts confirming the expenses, and then test yourself in the memo game on the multimedia kiosk in the passage of our Shopping Centre!

The following awaits the competitors who will be placed on the podium:

1st place - Lenovo Yoga tablet
2nd place - Xiaomi Redmi 9C smartphone
3rd place - Xiaomi Redmi Watch smartwatch

Competitors will have the task, as soon as possible, to find 8 pairs of pictures on the electronic board with the names of well-known social media.

After the game is over, you should collect a coupon with the time of participation in the competition, ID number and the time of completing the competition task. To compete for one of the main prizes, register your coupon at the contest service desk! The winners will be informed about the winning by phone, and the prizes will be sent by courier.

A guaranteed prize awaits each player - a school kit, which is a practical gift for each student!

We invite you to participate in the fun together!