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Workshops and games for children to start the holidays

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The first Saturday of winter holidays is ahead of us! It is worth spending it actively. We have prepared a rich program of workshops and games for children. Something for both music, art and dance lovers as well as the youngest interested in exact sciences.

On January 25th , at noon, creative workshops will start, during which various winter-inspired works will be created. Then you will be able to watch the performances of children attending dance classes at the Culture Center in Luboń, take part in games and sports activities prepared by the Reiss Academy and watch modern dance shows performed by New Dance School students. During the meeting, you will also be able to watch acrobatic shows and take part in Aikido mini workshops led by Aikido Kids.

During the meeting, science lovers will find something for themselves who will be able to experiment with the laws of physics and chemistry as part of the classes "Mały Inżynier". In turn, the Children's University Foundation will present what can be learned in its classes and will conduct a competition entitled "Do you know how much you know?"

Children interested in starting the adventure with scouting will be able to meet the Fourteenth Scout Strain "Blue XIV" and learn what collections, rallies and scout camps look like and what you can learn from them.

Classes for children will lead, among others Walor Academy of Art, Aikido Kids, Reissa Academy, Culture Center in Luboń, New Dance School, Art Dance School, E-concept. language school, Children's University Foundation, Fourteenth Scout Strain "Blue XIV".

Participation in the class is free!

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